Project Planning

Planning Your Interior Design Project

Initial planning by the client makes creating your interior design a shorter and much smoother process. Save time and money by taking an organized approach to the design process. The clearer you are about your desires and goals, the shorter the design process will be.

Before your initial consultation at your home with Francesca, please take the following planning steps:

  • Gather information about the styles and products you find appealing. Kitchen and bath remodeling magazines and home remodeling magazines can be a good source for you to gather pictures of what you like and what you don't like.
  • Spend time thinking about your goals. How will you use the space? What are your priorities for the look and feel of the space?
  • Consider and create your budget. Francesca is an interior designer that is conscientous about directing you toward designs and products that will enable you to stay within your budget.
"Francesca added so much to our project in the way of unique cabinetry design work that created a classic yet updated fresh approach to our cottage contemporary look. Its a wonderful place to live in...not overdone but scaled proportionately to room size with a great use of texture and contrast. We have worked with a number of good designers but Francesca stands out for her leadership with contractors and subcontractors. She clearly explains what needs to be done and when something is right or when it's not. She has a good sense of the final outcome of a project and how to pull all the various pieces together to get there."
-- David & Anne Faasse – Holland, MI